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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

I am Jeff Lloyd a Clinical Hypnotherapist, dealing with all aspects of helping individuals and groups make positive changes in their lives.

#Lose Weight

As the better weather seems to be here, most of my clients this week are looking for help to lose weight and look their best for their summer holidays.

Clients who come to me are fed up with the diet, and want to adopt a new set of habits easily, habits that are realistic, meet their goals and that they can live with in the long term. Hypnotherapy helps them to do this.


Diets don’t work. If the traditional dieting clubs were so successful they wouldn’t be so big and get so much repeat business.


Hypnotherapy changes how people think making eating a conscious habit instead of an unconscious one. How many people do you know who eat in a trance, in front of a television perhaps?

I have helped many people lose weight permanently without dieting, and I would love to help you lose weight for the summer or that special occasion.

Call now on 07801351427 and I'll be pleased to take your call and to help you to get down to your ideal weight


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