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#Southport #Hypnotherapy #Stress #Anxiety #Panic Attacks......TESTIMONIALS "I tried everything to stop smoking, patches, will power, Champix, E-cigs, but after just one session of RPT with Jeff I stopped for good".. George Daley​😁😁 " Helen was really helpful. Felt very at ease and comfortable in a short time. I would highly recommend,...thanks again Linda😁😁 " Before I had a few sessions of RPT I used to suffer panic attacks but now I feel more in control of my life".. Jean Saunders​😁😁 I felt like a prisoner in my own home I was so scared of birds. Hated going the seaside, train stations AND even the local shopping centre, in fact anywhere birds congregated. Now thanks to Helen I'm free to go anywhere I like without fear or anxiety.....Carol Simms 😁😁 Thanks, I never thought I'd do it but thanks to your 1-hour RPT Stop Smoking Session not only did I quit for good but it was so easy!.....Darren😁😁 I always felt, Anxious and self-conscious about the way I looked. I was always "yo-yo" dieting, losing weight then putting it back on again. I am now am in control of my weight and am confident not only in the way I look but also confident in my self.. Sandra Dickson​😁 🚭 5 weeks 🚭 😁 n the smell still makes me gag or actually throw up its amazing 😁😁Gemma came for a stop smoking session

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